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For this reason, we always try to have a new demonstration fleet that our dealers can use. Some of the trucks on this page are also for sale.
Contact us for more information.

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SA 1350 TTFYI 4900 2018

The latest model of our stand in stacker with electric joystick and initial lift

MPL 15 LUX 2013

2350 mm forks, forklift, initial lift, unloading shelf, walk side drive. 52 h

SW 1350 5500 TTFYI 2016

Triple masts, forward/reverse pedals, initial lift. 1147 h

SAN 1600 1800 TFYI 2018

Initial lift, double stacker. 37 h

MPL 20 LUX 2014

2350 mm forks, walk side drive. 127 h

MPL 20 LUX 2013

2350 mm forks, shelf, walk side drive. 1335 h

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